10 Events You Should Book A Classic Swing Band For

By: Butch Ewing

October 28, 2013



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Have you ever hosted an event that went perfectly as planned, yet you still felt there was something missing? The food was stellar. The drinks were of endless variety. The guest turnout was better than expected. And the venue? Ah, the venue! It was perfect – decorated from floor to ceiling in the most beautiful decorations. But still…there needed to be something more – something excitingly different.

Cue the lights, pull back the curtains, and bring out the jazzy swag of a swing band! Here are 10 events you can easily transform from ordinary to memorable by hiring big band entertainment. 

Classic Swing Band

Corporate Events

Stuffy suits and businessy conversations – It’s time to loosen up a little! Who said corporate gatherings had to be so boring? Hire a swing band for your next corporate get-together to create a laidback, yet sophisticated atmosphere. Depending on the size and feel you’re going for, The Classic Swing Band offers a variety of options – piano only, duos, trios or a full quartet complete with a horn, saxophone and trumpet. (Besides, when you run out of business-oriented conversation, you’ll have music to fill the awkward silence.)

Wedding Receptions 

If you’re in the process of planning a wedding (or you simply fantasize about your big day by creating countless wedding-related Pinterest boards…yes, ladies, we’re talking to you), then you may be familiar with a current trend – reception entertainment inspired by the 30s and 40s eras. And wouldn’t you know it, swing bands reached their peak in popularity at this time! Add a classic vintage feel to your wedding after-party with some live entertainment from a swing band. 

Art Festivals

The Dallas-Fort Worth area is no stranger to the arts. With various outdoor and indoor festivals across the Metroplex, why not add another element to the artistic mix? We’re talking about music, of course. Just as paintings, portraits and sculptures evoke inspiration, the timeless sounds of instrumental, swing band music do the same. Not to mention, the tunes make walking around a crowded, maze-like festival that much more unexpected. 

Classic Swing Band

Birthday Functions

Don’t settle for a DJ or stereo system while celebrating your day of birth. Your birthday party attendees want live groovy music to get their boogie shoes moving. The Classic Swing Band provides real live music covers of all your favorite crooners, including Michael Bublé, Elvis Presley and Ella Fitzgerald. You’ll dance so hard you might even pull a muscle. (Dancing with caution is advised.)

Charity Events 

Hosting a function to raise awareness and/or donations for a good cause is a happy occasion in and of itself. But if you really want to garner money for a charity or leave a lasting impression on the crowd, you have to make people comfortable and excited about the organization you’re supporting. A live swing band takes care of that for you. With peppy songs adding to an already cheery atmosphere, you’ll have donors stumbling over each other at the donation booth. And if you ask us, that’s a problem you’ll WANT to have.

Music Concerts 

Some people would rather attend a private music concert as opposed to an event simply featuring live music. For those folks, why not hire a swing band for just that? Book a concert hall for a couple of hours and sit back for a relaxing instrumental jazz blend of songs both old and new. 

Christmas Events

Have you ever been to a Christmas celebration that didn’t have traditional holiday songs playing in the background? Your answer was probably no. So why would you host a Christmas party without some sort of fill-you-with-holiday-cheer music? Swing bands – while jazzy in nature – provide a fun twist to all our favorite Christmas tunes and bring out the little kid in all of us. (And there’s no denying that “Jingle Bell Rock” sounds ten times cooler with some saxophone action.)

Classic Swing Band 

Anniversary Parties 

Grab your beautiful bride by the hand and celebrate 20 years of laughter and love (or whichever milestone you’re at) in a memorable way! With family and friends surrounding you for an anniversary jamboree, a swing band offers all the live entertainment you could ever need.

Ballroom Dances

Channel your inner “Dancing With the Stars” flair and hire a swing band for your next ballroom dancing event. The rich, classic sounds of big band music keep you in step as you execute a flawless Fox Trot or Waltz. On another note, we can all agree that ballroom dancing to classic swing music makes us feel slightly Great Gatsby-ish, and who wouldn’t love that?

Trade Shows 

Similar to corporate events, trade shows bring together larger groups of professionals within a specific industry. These kinds of functions normally lean on the side of lackluster, and that’s exactly why hiring a swing band for such an event makes all the sense in the world. When you’re busy learning about technology advances or new marketing strategies – whatever topics you’re learning about – you won’t feel so boxed in if you have an opportunity to enjoy some jazzy tunes here and there. 

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For over 10 years The Classic Swing Band of Dallas has offered some of the best in live entertainment for a wide variety of events and programs. So whether your event needs the small ensemble or a full big band sound, The Classic Swing Band has the professionalism and “class” that will be a welcome addition to any function requiring real live music!

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