5 Ways Big Band Jazz Swing can liven up a Wedding Reception

By: Butch Ewing

February 13, 2014



Wedding Reception Music

It’s obvious. Having the perfect music to accompany your special day is important. Music has a way of setting the tone for the entire celebration. (No pressure, right?). Ergo, this not an area you want to overlook when planning your memorable day.

To further complicate the already beloved wedding planning process, there will be an array of people with unique personalities showing up for your big day. Like any good bride, you want to make sure every single guest is happy. You may have some serious competition from the last wedding you were in. Maybe you’re the last in the family to get married or maybe you’re just a genuinely nice person. Either way, you want to impress your guests. In this case, we’ll go with the latter.

So give that a try. But you will just rack your brain for the ideal solution, and probably end up causing yourself quite the headache. Therefore it’s important to choose something that makes you happy and will appeal to the majority.

Words can’t explain how time consuming the wedding planning process can quickly become, and finding the perfect music just adds to the chaos. You first must decide what is the right type of musical outlet for you. That may be a DJ, your little brother who’s trying to make it in the music industry, your all-time favorite CD or a live band. All legitimate options for the occasion.

Obviously, we are more partial to the live band idea. And not just any live band, but a live jazz swing band. We don’t want to be bias, so we are going to provide five facts as to why a live jazz band is perfect for the occasion. Okay, ready to get your guests up and dancing through an unforgettable celebration?


1. Jazz originated in New Orleans

A wedding reception is an opportunity for your guests to celebrate your newly announced commitment. Can you think of a place that knows how to celebrate better than New Orleans? Probably not. I don’t think I need to expand on that one.


2. Jazz music is created through feeling

Jazz is not a type of music that has to be written out, rehearsed and then performed. It starts with a simple beat that evokes a feeling from the whole room, which then turns into an amazing rhythm. Similar to a wedding, which is a day full of feelings and excitement. See what I did there?

Jazz Music

3. Live bands are interactive

It’s nearly impossible to interact with an iPod or request a song from a CD without appearing like you may have been slightly over served. A live band can mesh with the vibe of the reception. They can react to details such as dear ol’ Aunt Judy whose been dancing to every single song and now appears a little fatigued. Of course, she can’t take a rest because she knows she truly is the best thing to hit that dance floor since her prime in the ‘50s. A live band can sense these cues within a crowd and switch to a slower beat, allowing Aunt Judy to take a short break without missing her favorite dance tunes.


4. Jazz is the product of a melting pot

Fact of the matter is, we all love great music. But the definition of ‘great’ varies between audiences. The beauty of jazz is that it emerged through a mixture of cultures and peoples all coming together. It’s an entire genre of music that is actually created by diverse types of audiences. Much like a wedding, which consists of people traveling from all over the world, into one central location. Jazz music has the ability to please everyone because it’s the product of everyone.

Big Band Jazz

5. A live band is just better

No one travels from all over to hear a great song play through iPod speakers, but they do travel all over the world to hear a band. Why would someone do that? Because live music is just better. This does not mean you need to immediately call up Tom Petty to perform on your wedding day. Although, I guarantee if you do, there will not be one RSVP declined. But what we’re really saying is, a stage full of musicians and instruments bursting with excitement are way more enticing than just hearing music through speakers.

So there you have it. We’re not so biased after all. After throwing a couple historical and cultural references in there, you can understand and agree with why we truly believe a live jazz swing band is the way to go.


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