Big Band Wedding Theme Ideas

By: Butch Ewing

September 23, 2013



big band wedding theme ideas

During our many decades as musicians, we’ve done a lot of wedding performances. And each and every time we play, you can feel the room go back in time to an era when live music reigned supreme and you couldn’t help but dance the night away.

So why stop with just the musicians when it comes to a 1940’s big band themed wedding? Designing your whole wedding in a big band theme can add additional vintage ambiance and make the night even more memorable. Here are some big band wedding theme ideas to consider. (Photo Courtesy: Muffet/Flickr)


big band wedding theme ideas

 Women: Less truly is more when it comes to 1940’s style fashion. Wedding dresses from this era were usually slender fitting, made from satin, and were occasionally worn with gloves or a hat. And don’t forget the sleeves! Nearly all dresses had them in this time period.

When it comes to hair, it’s time to break out the curling iron! Voluminous curls were all the rage for the 1940’s bride, so apply the hairspray liberally. (Photo Courtesy: xubangwen/Flickr)

big band wedding theme ideas

 Men: Pinstriped suits were extremely popular among grooms in the 1940’s. Military attire was also very popular with grooms during this decade due to World War II. (Photo Courtesy: phlubdr/Flickr)


big band wedding theme ideas

When it comes to decor for your big band themed wedding, try displaying 1940’s memorabilia to add authenticity. Talk to grandparents or other older family members and see if you can scope out their attic for old treasures. If that search comes up short, antique malls and flea markets are a great source for 1940’s era items. (Photo Courtesy: Boston Public Library)

big band wedding theme ideas

Album Covers: Adorning the walls of your reception venue with covers from big band era artists like Benny Goodman will take your guests back in time. (Photo Courtesy: hand thijs/Flickr)


big band wedding theme ideas

A simple but elegant black and white cake is perfect for a big band themed wedding. Pay homage to the popularity of pearls during the 1940’s by wrapping a string of imitation pearls around the cake. (Photo Courtesy: angel-cakes-rutland/Flickr)

big band wedding theme ideas

To add a musical touch to your cake, insert a instrument-playing wedding topper like the trumpet player above. (Photo Courtesy: US Army Africa/Flickr)


big band wedding theme ideas

Of course, a big band themed wedding wouldn’t be complete without great music from the era. When you hire a wedding band, be sure they have the standards from some of these big band icons on hand.

-Frank Sinatra

-Louis Armstrong

-Duke Ellington

-Benny Goodman

-Fred Astaire

-Ella Fitzgerald

-Nat King Cole

-Glenn Miller

The Classic Swing Band plays big band, jazz, and pop standards for wedding and other events across the Southwest, including Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.To get a free quote on a performance, call Tom Lepper at (972) 600-2729 or fill out the contact form on the right. Here is a testimonial from one of our wedding clients.

Dear Classic Swing Band,

I wanted to take a moment and thank you, Eddie, and the band for the great performance you gave us at our wedding. You really made our wedding special. Eddie is a great entertainer, and even when people weren’t dancing, everyone commented on how entertaining he was and how he kept the livelihood flowing. I can honestly say we hit a homerun booking the Classic Swing Band.

Tom and Katie (Groom and Bride)