How To Plan A Live Music Event

By: Butch Ewing

March 13, 2014




Planning a live music event can be a huge undertaking, but a great venture nonetheless. If you’re a first-time event planner, there are several aspects of the planning process that shouldn’t be overlooked.

To get you started, here’s an overview of the major components to an undertaking like this. Keep in mind there are countless details that will arise throughout the planning of your event, so take everything in stride and have fun along the way!


Research Bands & Venues


Start by browsing online for popular local bands, or ask your friends and family if they know of any affordable performers. Do the same kind of research for local venues to house your event. Once you’ve narrowed down your top three or four picks, it’s time to reach out for a price quote.


Make Connections & Arrangements


Once you’ve made connections with each of the options on your list, the tough part will be making a decision. Consider your budget and the kind of people that will be attending to make the right selections. After coming to a conclusion, it’s time to make booking arrangements. You’ll want to do this at least four months prior to the event, as some bands will be harder to book than others.


Create A Performance Line Up


Establishing the time and place of the event is only the first step of many more to follow. Most bands will provide you with a set list, or an outline of the songs they’ll play. But depending on the number of bands performing at your event, it’s up to you to decide the order in which they’ll come on stage.

As an obvious rule of thumb – and to keep people intrigued until the end – you’ll want to schedule the most popular band to perform last.


Establish Ticket Prices


Before you can promote your live music event, you’ll need to determine the cost of your tickets. Setting a price relies heavily on the popularity of the bands performing. People will almost always pay more to see a better band. The venue should also be a factor in setting a ticket price, as a more expensive venue could justify a more expensive ticket. All in all, you’ll need to choose a price that will cover the cost of your expenses, plus earn you some profit – if that’s your goal.


Hire People To Help


At least two months prior the event, you’ll want to hire a staff of people or find volunteers to help you during the event. This includes food caterers, bartenders, ticket takers, a promotion team, etc.


Start Promoting


Post flyers around town. Spread the word to your friends, family, local business, churches, etc. Create social media accounts. Whatever it takes to get the word out, do it! You’ll want as many people as possible at your event. Begin your promotion at least one month prior to the event.


Enjoy The Event


Plan to meet the staffers and bands early at the venue to make sure everything is in order. The performers may need to run a few sound tests before the event kicks off, and you’ll want to make sure the people helping you know their roles. Once everything is squared away, get ready to enjoy all the fun!


Do you have experience of how to plan a live music event? Share your tips in the comments below.


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